Clarus Crimson USB Cable (A to B)

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The Crimson USB cable was exclusively designed for Clarus by Jay Victor for high speed computer audio applications. To lower resistance, dramatically increase signal transfer and reduce potential timing errors, Crimson USB cables are engineered with solid-core 6.1% ultra-pure silver-plated PCCC signal conductors. The solid-core conductors prohibit jitter while the silver-plating significantly improves signal transfer by minimizing losses due to skin effect. At GHz frequencies, digital USB signals travel primarily on the surface (skin) of the conductors. At higher frequencies, silver is a better conductor than copper, the USB audio signal is transferred with less loss. The power conductor pair is made using heavy gauge copper to ensure that adequate current is provided to USB audio devices. Precision twisted cable geometry and six separate shields protect against any external noise or any noise on the AC power lines from getting into the signal path.

  • PCCC- 22/24 AWG
  • Precision Twisted for lower jitter & precision timing
  • Data Pair isolated from Power Pair
  • Six layers of shielding, isolates signal & power conductors + overall shields Jacket: PVC black jacket with black & crimson woven over-jacket
  • Polyethylene for low loss & accurate signal transfer
  • Termination: USB A to USB B

Additional information

Cable length

1 Meter (3.2 feet), 2 Meter (6.5 feet)


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