exaSound Gamma Server

The exaSound Gamma Server with high-performance hardware and exaSound-built lightweight operating system offers streaming to virtually all audio devices. Roon Core delivers intelligent music management on hard drives, NAS, and streaming content from Tidal and Qobuz. UPnP server offers bitperfect Hi-Res streaming up to DSD512, PCM768kHz/32bit, DXD and MQA. With one device audiophiles can have it all – reverence-quality music server and top-performance renderer.

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Store, Stream and Play

Meet the best proprietary and open-source digital audio technologies in one compact component

Roon Core Server, UPnP server, Roon Ready Player, UPnP/OpenHome Player, Airplay Player and Signalyst NAA Player

  • Heavy-duty, high-performance hardware
  • exaSound-built lightweight operating system optimized for Hi-Res audio
  • Seamless user experience and life-like sound with exaSound DACs
  • Stream music to RoonReady, Airplay, UPnP, OpenHome and many other audio devices

Roon Core

  • Manages your music collection, streams to your audio devices, and stores the Roon database in the Gamma internal SSD drive
  • Manages your music files stored on internal disk storage, USB drives and NAS
  • Manages streamed content from TIDAL and Qobuz
  • Streams music to USB, Sonos, AirPlay, Roon Ready, and many other audio devices
  • Playback is controlled by the Roon Remote app available on all platforms
  • Offers bit-perfect playback or DSD / PCM upsampling, stereo and multichannel playback
  • Requires Roon subscription

UPnP Server

The built-in UPnP Server can stream music files stored on the internal SSD storage or attached USB drives. Up to eight drives can be attached with external powered USB hub. Compatible player Apps include MconnectHD, BubbleUPnP and Hi-Fi Cast.


Special integration with exaSound DACs offers flawless user experience and exceptional fidelity.

Network Player/Renderer

The exaSound Gamma can serve a double duty as server and player/renderer when exaSound DAC is attached via USB. Unique asynchronous packet streaming over USB developed by exaSound guarantees that CPU load cased by multiple server tasks does not affect the timing accuracy and precision of local USB playback. With one device audiophiles can have it all – reverence-quality music server and top-performance renderer.

Volume Control

ENclusiv™ Comprehensive Sampling Rate Support in Stereo and Multi-channel

  • Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
  • DXD 352.8kHz /32bit
  • PCM 44.1 to 384kHz/32bit
  • MQA Full Unfold with Supported DACs

exaSound DACs connected via USB to the Gamma Server operate as Roon Ready devices.

Roon Ready is the highest level of Roon integration. Roon technology is customized and embedded both in the player and the DAC for achieving best user experience. Together, Roon and exaSound deliver the power, flexibility, and performance benefits of networked audio, with the easiest setup and highest reliability available.


Streaming Services

  • Tidal and Qobuz are available via Roon, AirPlay and third-party apps including Bubble UPnP and MconnectHD
  • Spotify is available via AirPlay


  • Audio streaming protocols: Roon RAAT, Signalyst NAA, UPnP, Open Home, AirPlay
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Ready for use right out of the box with zero-configuration
  • Advanced configurations are available via Web-browser user interface
  • Remote support
  • Remote upgrade


CPU Intel 8th Generation i7 Processor
RAM 8GB, custom upgrade options up to 32GB
System SSD Drive 128GB, custom upgrade options
Optional Internal Storage  Internal 2.5″ HDD/SSD Bay
Music Library  OVER 12,000 Albums (120,000 Tracks)
Roon Core Multiroom Capacity Over Five Zones, Typical
 Network Connection Gigabit Ethernet
USB Ports  2x USB 3.0
Firmware  Version 20


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