Nano iDSD Black Label


In short, the nano iDSD Black Label is a petite, portable audio converter with classy headphone amplifier. It is unique, convenient and packs a punch. Music on the go just changed for the better. And best of all, its real-world price is perfect for the smartphone crowd to ‘supercharge their mobile music’.

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In a nutshell, the nano iDSD Black label is…

  • a DAC/headphone amp that can be both portable or home-based.
  • a DAC/headphone amp which drives headphones up to 600Ohm and will work with an amp or active speakers via the 3.5mm line out.

As soon as the original, award winning nano iDSD appeared on the market in 2014, it changed the game for portable DACs:

  • One of the world’s first battery-powered DAC to be compatible with iPhone and Android phones
  • It offered full high-resolution audio playback and supported DXD and DSD formats
  • And it offered a high-power headphone output

The nano iDSD Black Label is petite but beneath the unassuming exterior hides a wealth of improvements to the original nano iDSD. In particular, for headphone lovers, it boasts the following standout features that other more expensive portable DACs just don’t have.

  • Max output power (32R) around 10 times that of iPhone 6 (285mW vs. 27mW)
  • The new S-Balanced technology means headphone channel separation is unchanged with load (requires balanced wired IEMs or headphones to benefit)
  • Running a high-voltage Direct Drive Amp, the BL gets 3.5V into high impedance headphones making it suited even for 600 Ohm headphones. It will drive HD650s to
  • The inbuilt iEMatch means it can drive high sensitivity headphones at 0.5V with a dynamic range that is virtually identical to that at “normal” output at 2V. It drives Shure SE535s to 122dB.

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