Purecable netMSTR Ethernet Cable

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Purecable’s latest high-end network cable!

This cable is specifically intended as the last cable from switch to streamer / end-point. A 100Mb cable with two completely separated core pairs of solid high purity PC-OCC where the wires are treated with a natural oil that binds to oxygen and with nanoparticles gold and silver (ratio of 80% gold and 20% silver). The two pairs are shielded with a copper foil. These wire pairs are individually twisted but are parallel to each other. The outer jacket is made of audiograde PVC for good protection and is supple and flexible.

The cable is assembled with the Telegartner RJ45 plugs for optimal protection and transmission.


  • high-purity solid OFC copper
  • high quality Telegartner RJ45 connectors
  • 100Mb cable 4-core (2 pairs)
  • copperfoil
  • 2 separate pairs
  • audiograde PVC
  • carbon gold color banded


Due to the stiffness of the cable, you might want to opt for 0/180 connector to better reach your equipment. Especially for shorter cable lengths this is a handy option.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Cables from Purecable aim to get the best out of your hi-fi products, so that your music gets the maximum experience. Quality, durability and craftsmanship.
Their cables are manufactured with ultra high quality copper cables with nanotechnology. Together with NativeDSD, purecable provides 100% satisfaction guarantee on all cables. If their products do not match with your system, you can return the product or change it with another type.

Additional information

Cable length

0.5 Meter (1.6 feet), 0.75 Meter (2.2 Feet), 1 Meter (3.2 feet), 1.5 Meter (3.2 Feet), 2 Meter (6.5 feet), 3 Meter (9.8 feet), 4 Meter (12 feet), 5 Meter (16.4 feet), 7 Meter (22.9 Feet), 10 Meter (32.8 feet)


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