SOtM Audio sDP-1000EX


Battery Powered DSD D/A Conversion

Key Feature

  • 32bit/384KHz PCM
  • DSDx64, DSDx128 support
  • OLED display
  • Remote control
  • Battery power supply
  • Optional Ultra low noise linear power supply

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The sDP-1000EX is a high-end D/A converter and pre-amplifier. It can be summarized as a high-end featured device; a USB audio function which supports DSD playback, a high-performance clock circuit, a battery power supply and a high performance preamplifier.

The design is compact and classy. Various digital and analog connections are available. The OLED display window shows the information related to usage and is easily controlled by the remote and face-plat switches.

USB audio uses an asynchronous mode to connect the digital audio source device such as a PC. It can playback a 32 bit/192KHz PCM signal (maximum) and DSD signal. In addition, the sound quality from the input source can be improved by the specially designed high performance clock and 32 bit up-sampler circuit.

All audio circuit parts including the DAC and preamplifier volume control are fully balanced circuits.  Not a single coupling capacitor is used in the audio signal path since that would cause distortion of the sound quality. These designs allow us to hear clear, excellent and high resolution sound.

Also, to supply high quality power, it has two battery packs installed, while one battery provides power, the other charges and switches between these functions automatically, so there is no additional work needed once it’s connected to a power supply for charging the battery. The sDP-1000EX will work continuously via battery power only.

There are already many DAC’s on the market, but the sDP-1000EX is incomparable. The sDP-1000EX will perform as the center of the finest high-end audio system.

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