Pura the ASTEROIDEA – Power Distributor 5


5 outlet version

When we’ve developed this product, we wanted to make a product that would be an eye-catcher. Not hidden behind a set, but placed in sight with all the other hifi equipment. The outlets and the inlet are facing backwards and not upwards as most distributors do. Because of its depth (17cm), the power plugs can easily be fit at the back and still have enough room in a hifi-rack or cabinet.

All outlets and the inlet are Furutech Rhodium plated NCF. Internally all outlets are star-wired with exact the same length for phase, neutral and earth. All with the Nanotec 302 power cord (3.4mm²) with gold (80%) and silver (20%) nano-particles.

You can choose for an optional HF parallel filter. This filter is applied to all outlets and only effects High Frequency Noise. So no loss of dynamics is possible.

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  • 230V-50/60Hz
  • Max. 16A/3600W
  • 5x Furutech FI-E30 NCF Schuko Outlets
  • 1x Furutech FI-06 NCF IEC inlet
  • True Star-Wired Phase, Neutral and Ground
  • High Quality 2.50 mm² wiring
  • 330x170x80mm (LxDxW)

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HF Filter