Grimm Audio

Grimm Audio was founded in 2004 and is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Our initial aim was to combine the mastery of the greatest minds of audio experts, and we continue to do so. All Grimm Audio products carry the joined insight of well known scientists in the fields of audio electronics, acoustics and physics, fused with an intuition build on the experience of many years of focussed listening, professional engineering and audiophile enthusiasm.

Driven to Improve
Our first product, the AD1 discrete 1 bit analog to digital converter, is still the benchmark for sound quality. A classical music label like Channel Classics has reinforced its reputation using this converter. While refining the AD1’s clock circuitry, the CC1 master clock was developed, that is measured as being the lowest jitter master clock in the professional audio industry. It serves as the digital heart beat of many studios around the world.

For the famous Wisseloord studios in the Netherlands the TPR series of studio cables was developed, offering neutral performance for an affordable price. Next came the flagship product of Grimm Audio, the LS1 playback system. Critically acclaimed as “the world’s best complete audio system” it serves as a reference in a variety of studios and as a source for musical enjoyment in many living rooms.

Grimm Audio uses the highest level of technical and audiophile knowledge to build audio equipment that has no equivalent.

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